Lab Facility

Separate fully equipped and spacious Practical Science Labs for Physics, Chemistry, Computer Sci. Instrumentation, Electronics, Bio-Technology, Botany, Zoology, Language, Geography & Defence Studies are provided to the students and staff to develop their manipulative skills, as we believe in the cardinal principle of `Learning by doing. 
Science Lab

The Lab is equipped with various models Chemistry and different types of apparatus testing materials. Our Physical Chemistry, Bio-Technology Laboratories have all the equipment in sufficient quantity so that students can perform his practical individually Physics Lab, Electronics lab, Instrumentation Lab.  
Language Lab
Carrier Corner

Computer Lab

With the introduction of a number of revised and restructured courses, computers have become an integral part of the undergraduate colleges curriculum. The Central Computer Laboratory in college will provide you with an opportunity for hands-on training and enhancing your computer skills. The lab will also be available for career-intensive education after regular class hours. 
Bio-Technology Lab 
Geography Lab 
Defence Studies Lab 


Last Update: 11-03-2019